About onion skin

According to the manual, the onion skin shows before and after keyframes, but it actually appears to show frames in between the keyframes instead. how can I adjust to display the keyframes instead?
In canvas metadata I see:
btw, version 1.4.0


To be honest, onion skinning in synfig is pretty useless right now. Synfig is not a frame by frame animation software yet, the software’s onion skin shows frame by frame onion skin. In version 1.2 though, you have the keyframe by keyframe onion skinning. If you care about this feature, I can then suggest you to download the old version from its github repo.

thanks guys. Looks like Im not the only one asking about this. I guess I have to wait to get it done.
I probably dont want to install an older version- I could miss some important updates of the latest stable version.

came up with a work around: I temporarily change the timing of the current keyframe to make it 1 frame after the last/previous keyframe. Now the onion feature displays the previous keyframe instead of the previous frame. Well, now the previous frame is the previous keyframe. Not a pretty solution, but it works, and makes adjustmment of animation of splines much easier.