About box / add "how to report a bug ?" label/link


In the “better contact between dev/user” familly.
What to you think of that “in the title idea” ?
Zat will suppose a wiki page with all this infos …

You mean, add a menu entry on the Synfig Studio menu, to reach the Synfig issue tracker website?

Nop a wiki:dev one … in this one all infos about tracker (link+usage) … and how to define / express a bug to be able to fill nicely the tracker …

“Final idea” : guide the community on how to collaborate…

So then first create/update that wiki page, right?

Tried to report bug on Issue Tracker site (created an account), but keep getting this message:

mail(): Multiple or malformed newlines found in additional_header in /var/www/morevna/data/www/synfig.org/issues/modules/mailing/classes/TBGMailer.class.php, line 142.

Was trying to report that in current OSX development version the Eyedropper tool doesn’t work. Happy to report elsewhere.

Please use https://github.com/synfig/synfig/issues to report bugs

Sadly, Eyedropper tool just works on the WorkArea/Canvas

If you want to get a color somewhere else, you can use the color dialog to use a better eyedropper from the HSV tab

Will report the on Github, thanks. Was using Eyedropper tool from the HSV tab (click Fill, select HSV, click Eyedropper) – nothing happens when Eyedropper tool selected, and once selected the Close button freezes.

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