A update to inkscape sif exporter?

Hi so I have alot of svg assets that I need import and the inkscape svg to sif suport is a little out of date so fist of all inscape version 1.0.0 export blank files :white_large_square:no matter what’s the input (maybe its my system problem​:man_shrugging:)
But for other versions are the same :no_mouth:
Gamma values are wrong :x:
It can’t export transparency :mag:
Outlines become distorted :crazy_face:
You need to unlink clones :people_holding_hands::arrow_right:🙋🙋and release clips
And no groups :face_with_head_bandage:

Try this one. My Import/Export plugin (SVG, Telegram Sticker, Lottie, dotLottie) - #3 by Glax It’ll help you directly import svg into synfig without converting your artwork to sif file.

PS:- This plugin works with the dev builds of synfig. Like v1.5.x

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It is a VERY nice program (I used the standalone version the plug-in didn’t work although I was using dev version)
I made a script and it converted all 1300~ assets and its really speedy it has some problems with transparent layers but it’s very better than both synfig and inkscape import methods