A road drawing

I have been working on this animation for a while. but I can’t finish it because of some issues. Anyway! Check out this picture I drew for the animation using synfig. I know it’s amateurish, but try to bare with it plz.
chicken monster.jpg

It looks quite good for me. I would only want to see how does the characters looks when integrated inside i,t because the current background color scheme is a bit saturated, so you need a high saturated character color to outstand form the background.

Here is the character. It’s an odd character but I still like it. The morphing needs work though. It’s my first time making something move without messing with the values like clouds. This is also my first time doing a walking cycle lol. I think I’m gonna keep this in on my profile. =)

I don’t know what’s going on with the eye. It was supposed to stay 1 color, but its flickering for some reason.
chicken monster.gif

Maybe it has a Koushiryoku Beam? :wink:
Interesting character!

Ohh, you are giving me new ideas :laughing:

mmmmmmmmmmmmm… I think it will be a very funny animation. Don’t forget to show it :smiley:

of course!

here is how the two looks combined. After this, no more previews!!! :laughing:


When I am finally done with this, I’m gonna ask for morphing techniques. This project is an experiment to test out what I know so far =)

It is very nice! Well done on the body turn! I’m curious about the story… is it a letter from a egg production farm’s poster that has come to life due to a space time break? :wink:

Lol I haven’t thought of a background for it yet. That is interesting though. I do have a plot though!

Chicken Monster is supposed to be a a giant 8’8" tall chicken who is obsessed with chicken. It hates when people are eating, in possession, or even around chicken. To get others away from it, Chicken Monster comes up with unique ways to get them away from chicken.

so, waiting for the premiere :wink:

…well after getting so far with this project, some hacker messed up my registry, and now I can’t access the ANY of my files. Every time I try to log-on other than safe mode, I get the Blue screen of death. This mean’s I can’t finish it…at least till I get a computer, assuming it will happen. But even if I do get a chance to go back and work on it, I would have to start over from scratch… I’m not happy about this.

And right when I was gonna try out the new update too…

My condolences on your loss

Don’t you have any copy on the cloud? I remember that you posted the file you were working on the forums…
Doh! Why did you deleted it?
I downloaded the file at work computer, I hope I keep a copy of it.

Have you tried to rescue the files using a Linux live CD?

I don’t have one of those. I have Window’s XP too. But I wish I was thinking and bought a Flash Drive. Oh who am I kidding, I didn’t have enough money at the time. If you find the file that would be great. But if you don’t, don’t stress over it. I will complete this animation one way or another. :imp: I owe at least one animation for you guys for your hard work and my use of the software.

I find that when I lose all or most of a project the redo is always better.

I mean, download a linux live CD installer and start it with the option of mount the current hd drives. Then you can open the files and copy them anywhere.
Something like this:

Thanks, Genete I’m gonna give this a shot tomorrow.

I am still working on this =) It’s coming along faster than before because I am using a tablet, a faster comp, and I know the program a lilttle bit better. Anyway, I wanted to show off the second character I that’s in it.

Needless to say, that this will not end well…

Hopefully, I’ll be done with it in a month or 2 (or sooner)