A question about keyframes

I have developed an animation but have got to a point where I want to stop the animation at 8s but keep the remaining keyframes (another 2 seconds worth). However, there are still a large number of objects moving with in the 8s to 10s keyframes, and I don’t want to have to manually edit each one. Is there a way of copying the keyframe at 8s and applying this to all the remaining keyframes so that no more movement is seen from 8s to 10s?



The easier way to do that is:

  1. Create a keyframe at 8s (if already it isn’t)
  2. Edit keyframe at 8s and set its ‘out’ interpolation to linear.
  3. Duplicate keyframe at 8s at 8s1f.
  4. Edit keyframe at 8s1f and set its ‘in’ interpolation to linear.
  5. At the time bar, ALT-click the keyframe at 8s1f and drag it to the right the desired time.
    All the animation will be stationary between 8s and the time you dragged the 8s1f keyframe. Also all the other later keyframes and waypoints are moved to up in time the same amount.
    If there were already a keyframe at 8s1f just do it with the current one. Don’t forget the linear interpolation.

Of course, save the file first :slight_smile:

Absolutely great. Thanks for the reply, this has made a huge difference. Thank you, thank you, thank you.