A project created for an animation course in Synfig

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to get back to my YouTube channel, but one of the many things that kept me away and busy was an animation course that I was developing for an online education company (not sure how much info. I can share so I’ll tread lightly. I was contracted to create lessons as well as a project for an animation introduction course. Even though it was an introduction, I created lessons from drawing basics to colour theory, to various types of animation. I created a project for students to do at the end of the lessons, so I had to attempt the project as well to decipher how long it would take the students to do it based on my time. For example, if it took me an hour, then since I’m the “expert,” it would take the students a longer time. Anyhoo, the course was created entirely around Synfig :smiley: for my final edit I imported the animation to Davinci Resolve and added sound effects. I didn’t upload it to my main youtube channel because, well, I forgot the terms of my contract and would rather not get into trouble. :joy: I’m not sure if the students will be able to see my result when doing the course, since it was just to test how long it would take me to create the animation. Here’s my result for the project: