A pretty good Ubuntu/Linux argument

Dan Gillmor at Salon writes about why he’s switching from Mac to Linux:

salon.com/technology/dan_gil … c_to_linux

This is interesting to me in particular because I’ve been curious - as an outsider looking in - as to how Apple’s tightening of its control over its users was playing out in Apple-land. Will users be so distracted by the fast and the shiny that they don’t notice the gradual (and sometimes not so gradual) loss of freedom? Dan, at least, has noticed and he’s decided to do something about it.

Yeah, Linux! Yeah, Ubuntu! Yeah, open source!


Hi, muhkayoh.
I am very happy with my Mac, but I’m not a fanatic.
I switched to Mac five years ago. At that time I was sick of Windows and I didn’t know any Linux system. I discovered Ubuntu four years ago. I immediately substituted Windows by Ubuntu at work. My next computer will be a PC with Ubuntu. In fact, my oldest son is already using Ubuntu (he just used Windows to play). As for software, except that is already installed (iMovie, Garageband, TextEdit, iTunes, Safari…), I use only free software (as Synfig, Open Office, Gimp, Subs Factory, All2MP3, Blender…)

i switched from windows to linux like 5 years ago

i have worked on macs on a (very) few occasions and allways found windows xp to be way easier to use (its not a matter of getting used to - kde 3 was easier for me than xp right from the start)

i never agreed with the claims that macs (software) are easier to use (and macs hardware is just the same pc anyway)

i always tried to customize my windows installation with catastrophic consequences, it’s true, not all my games and programs work now, but is either true that Linux has it own and i’m very pleased with it, Windows was used to be a good OS for me but my needs went beyond it’s handle, then was Linux the one who fit on my needs better