A logo.

Hi, this is a logo I made mostly with synfig. The only thing thats not is the text, and thats done in Anime Studio pro 9.5. This isn’t on my channel because this is the people I’ve made it for. Idk how long it will stay up, because I am supposed to give them an improved file.


I’m still working on my Ageless series, but It turns out I have to do more work than I thought.

I’m sorry to say that the text doesn’t look good to me. The 3D effect (with the withe contour) makes it distractive and not good to identify the brand name. What about use a real 3D program (Blender) to the letters if you really need to make it appear like a extruded letters?
The rest of the logo is fine but I would try to design a logo with more defined profile, crisp and clean, to easier turn it into B&W or separate from the company name.

Logo is cool but it needs more rework.

He he, the old known fact. :wink:

Don’t be! Art is subjective. Besides, this is constructive criticism and it helped. I do agree with the 3d letter should be changed. What bothers me the most about it is the “a” “t” and the “i” because of the unusual lines going through them. In fact, I’m surprised he didn’t notice that. I think I’m going to get rid of the 3d effect and make the outline a o different shade of white and move it downward some.