A High Quality Rendering Engine


Il me semble que vous cherchez à améliorer le moteur de rendu de Synfig. Je ne connais rien en programmation mais j’ai trouvé ceci sur Internet : antigrain.com/
Je ne sais pas si c’est intéressant pour Synfig. Quoi qu’il en soit : bonne lecture.

Google Traduction :


It seems that you are looking to improve the rendering engine of Synfig. I know nothing about programming but I found this on the Internet: antigrain.com/
I do not know if it’s interesting for Synfig. Anyway: good reading.

I would prefer an OpenGL or OpenVG based renderer. This could speed things up drastically. Unluckily i don’t know any free and good implementation of OpenVG. If i only had a good OpenGL compatible rasterizer to draw arbitrary polygons/shapes, i would even try to implement it Java (feeling very comfortable with it) to draw nice user interfaces and maybe i would try to port synfig entirely to it, since this would remove many limitations and ease the writing/(pre)compiling for multiple platforms.

XD An external renderer DEMANDS GPU acceleration!