A Genaral help needed

So Far I understand Synfig system use ffmpeg to build video and ffmpeg accept the only command - line. My question is before building a video, where Synfig studio saves the command line to use in ffmpeg?

I want to see the command line code.

Anybody can tell me from where i will able to see the code?

Thanks in Advance!

github.com/synfig/synfig/tree/m … mod_ffmpeg

Welcome here Mr Khan,

It’s noted has futur enchancement : Display ffmpeg line inside render parameter dialog

has say jcome … actually you can found that information here : github.com/synfig/synfig/blob/m … g.cpp#L112 for windows.

Thanks for your reply

Right now how I can view the code?
I mean ffmpeg command - line

anybody can help me by show me step by step instruction to see the command line code

Command line passed to ffmpeg is composed at run time so you only can deduce the command line used by studying the code itself.

Thanks for your Reply