A 3-points Bezier curve drawing tool


I use Synfig since a few time, and I think it miss an important drawing tool which is a “3-points Bezier curve”, like the “curve” tool in Retas Stylos for exemple. Do you see what kind of tool I mean ?! (If not I can explain it…)

It’s really usefull to quickly draw some clean/regular outlines!!

Could it be possible to add it ?

PS: beside this, I think it’s still a great software all the most for free, so a Big THANKS to all the people who spend time coding it! I’ll send some stuff in the gallery for sure, it’s the least I can do to support it ^^

What features are you looking for that the regular Bline tool doesn’t provide?

(looking forward to seeing your artwork! And thanks for the link to Stylos - hadn’t seen that software before.)

Well the tool I mean works like that:
-first you click/put the stylus on the beginning of the curve,
-then drag to the end of the curve (and there release the click/stylus) -there you have defined a straight line-,
-then you adjust the curve by moving the cursor around, and then click to confirm the curve.

And being able to continue this line by adding other curves like this (same as the “Auto extend” of the drawing tool)

You can test the “Curve” tool in Retas demo version to see exactly what I mean.

It’s much more intuitive and faster to trace outlines than the classic Bline tool, and a bit more precise and smooth than the draw tool. IT WOULD INCREASE WORKLOW A LOT!! (I know most Japanese manga animation are made using this tool -among others-, that’s a good exemple of fast and efficient workflow …)