51 Great Animation Exercises to Master

Your bounce physics look much better than mine. I just changed my clamped waypoint to ease in/out for gravity pulling the ball and the result didn’t end up looking convincing :sweat_smile:

I’m stealing this idea from you :rofl: :ninja:

I don’t think that the brick would “hesitate” to fall once it starts.
Unless it is during an earthquake or in vehicule having variations of acceleration :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh I see :rofl:

Should’ve started the frame with the brick tilted on the shelf and losing balance before falling off. Great eyes/observation there.

More wrong animation on the way :sweat_smile: Courtesy of an absolute beginner :love_letter: :joy:

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yea and the brick it heavy so unless something keeps holding it back it wouldn’t hesitate.

How long did it take you? It looks very easy for you :smile:

Day 6 (Character blinking)



1 - Ball bouncing in place

Very very basic o_O, but I love this idea. Perfect chance to practice so i will try to follow along as well.



Neat! let me critique- so this is good. It feels like a bubble more than a ball though, based on how it’s animated it looks like there’s not much weight to it. When it get’s to the top it feels as if something is pushing it down right away to the floor. I do like that slight squash when it hits the floor. Overall good but things to consider are; what type of ball is it? This will determine the weight and how much bounce it will have and is there anything in the space that is or will have an influence on the ball such as wind or an invisible object, etc… These are simple exercises, but it’s good to think about these things :slight_smile:

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Day 7 (Character thinking)



Great insights there ! I will definitely try to incorporate them in the next ones ; ) .

A reference for falling soft ball can be found here https://twitter.com/i/status/1654619800235294720 :panda_face:


Great example, but I think it lacks a bit of the "bounce " xD.


Exercise 8 ( Flour Sack waving)



4 - Simple character head turn

04 - character head turn

5 - Character head turn with anticipation

05 - character head turn with anticipation

6 - Character blinking

06 - character blinking

7 - Character thinking

07 - character thinking


Did you do them all in one day :slightly_smiling_face:? It’s 1 per day, so that you don’t have to rush :upside_down_face:

Exercise 9 ( Flour Sack jumping)



LOL I’m no machine :sweat_smile:. I just did some of those last weekend, rendered it, and decided to upload 'em yesterday. Some of them were polished before finally uploading.

If you noticed I reused the same file for character animation. Made me look like a super human :grin::joy:

lol, you do look like a super human when you upload them all at once :laughing:

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Exercise 10 ( Flour Sack falling)