2D or 3D Animation for making Animated Movies? Adobe Flash or Blender?


I am going to be making a movie for my story I have been working on in a couple months. I have been on the debate of going 2D or 3D for the animation. I kinda want to do 3D since I would like to make the movie a little realistic. And I have been looking at tutorials for both Adobe Flash and Blender and they both look like pretty good programs to use.

ALSO, this is my first time making animations and such! So I have very little knowledge about animation.I checked out [color=black]2D character animation video for some help but couldnt find any.
Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Thank you.

3D I assume is time consuming than 2D.

The choice is up to you.
Blender Guru on YouTube shared his story of how he learned 3D on his own so it’s not an impossible task. Just that lots of effort needed.

With 3D you get more to explore, have more ways to express a scene, stunning lighting effects, and of course grin/smirk at yourself while rendering on a powerful GPU :laughing:

I never did 3D animation apart from getting familiar with keyframing an object; rotation, scaling, and transformation.

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