2d and 3d animation

What computer animation of a girl for a music clip: 2d or 3d is easier to do? I think that creating of 3d models is difficult but rotating of 3d models is easier than 2d animation of rotating objects. I have painted some pictures by pencil, but I have never done 3d models of people.

Depends on what you like to achieve
That and if the 3d animation has some serious rendering/lighting/modeling configurations prepare to throw down time down the drainage
Also if you start from scratch learning modeling will really take some time(read a LOT!) not to mention animation
youtube.com/view_play_list?p … 81F6D1D522
That being said if you don’t want to do to complicated stuff then it shouldn’t be to hard in 3d
While in synfig it all depends on your ability to draw (and organize)
If you can pump drawing like there is not tomorrow don’t look back as 2d IS for YOU

May it be easier to make a 2d animation of a girl and a 3d animation of simple objects?

Simple inorganic animation are fairly simple to do
But complex animations like that of a robot or organic animations like a character or even in some cases a bouncing ball are pretty hard
In 2d animations(the synfig way) you have to create 2 drawings then trace(with blines) and modify(the blines to the next drawing) as to go from one to the next and then program interpolates the in-between frames which is exactly how 3d works too as it sets the model in 2 poses and interpolates
So animation in 2d and 3d is the same as what its doing
The only difference is that in 3d you have to take care of the modeling rigging lightning animating and rendering while in 2d the animation is all done in sets of drawings that you interpolate
Also in 3d you also have the uncanny valley of animation where it doesn’t look right based on how realistic you character is,which happens in 2d but its 2d so not THAT realistic
Now to your question the problem in 3d is not animation(as it is basically as an concept the same thing as in synfig) but EVERYTHING ELSE
so its more like
model+textures+rigging+render+light vs draw+rigging(if you consider tracing and modifying blines that)

It’s easy to make girl in 2D as it is an organic character