23/24th Nov 12 , another screening of Morevna ?

Hello there,

Has explain in this topic , i 'm preparing a synfig demo, during the 7th JM2L (Mediterranean Floss day’s near Nice / SouthEast France / 23/24th November 2012 )

What do you think about a screening of the progress of your work, and even better the release ?
I don’t think it’s possible for the event’s organization to pay back the travel cost from Russia, but maybe a synthetic presence on the waves of the big net?


Nota : i’m not proposing that to urge you to the release , maybe to motivated you :wink:

Hi, d.j.a.y.!
Thank you for the proposal!
In fact, the first screening on November 10th in Gothenburg means “release”. ^^
So, release will be on 10th of November (maybe my blog post is not that clear on that, but this is how it really planned. ^^").
Though, right at the moment we are in the process of resolving some copyright issues and depending on the result the final “form of the release” will be defined. Everything will be clear after the release (10th November), so please feel free to contact me after that date and we can discuss all details. I’m both my hands for more screenings of Morevna. ^

Yep i knew quite clearly the release date by the production plan…
(but i’m also aware of murphy’s law…)

have fun with the copyrightz issues and the “last” work and screenings…
i will contact you after Gothenburg…

question ; i did’t find any durations … can you give me some more information?


Morevna Project Demo, duration: 5 min.