2023 - WIP Animation Tests with Synfig [project files included]

looks good. Nice job, i’m not a star trek connoisseur but i get the reference

If you want, you can privately send us the file so we can inspect and try to fix it. :slight_smile:

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Cheers sir, but there’s no need to. It was just a quick experiment while building up the scene, and Is the only thing that got messed up, and, as is, has moved on an evolved considerably since the other night.

along with the start of character studies.

Once I’ve finished a couple more bits, I’ll share the base scene for the bridge, character sheets and more on a separate thread to help show my process, and, in ways, share some of my production experiences through it.

Thanks for the offer of help… hope what I’m doing here will also help u guys at some point :wink:


McCoy, Kirk and Spock? :stuck_out_tongue:

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indeed! …

just playing with silhouettes there… evolving the characters using simple shapes and build upon them while keeping in mind what software you’re using to animated through… so so all creative, concpets, explorations, sketches and studies are through synfig.

A lot more character studies to come…

Quick test using @veermetri05 controller plugin


Intend to heavily use the plugin for this for various scene elements as well as character control.


yow dis shot. :clap:t5: mi luv e