2023 - WIP Animation Tests with Synfig [project files included]

Sunday Afternoon fun… A little friend for the guy above.


Not quite finished as yet, but i thought I put it up anyway.
Ghost_rig_006.sifz (Synfig 1.5.1 Dev)


Finished Rig for the PacGhost.


Ghost_rig_FIN.sifz (Synfig 1.5.1 Dev)
Ghost_rig_FIN_anim_tst.sifz (Synfig 1.5.1 Dev)


Just a little detail, we the sine is reaching the side (or departs of it) it should be flatten horizontaly as the ghost is almost a cylinder.
Not a big deal, but this could be an improvement :stuck_out_tongue:

:thinking:I think this is what we should expect from this software. Synfig is really great choice for creating Motion Graphics.

@KEgg , first of all I would like to say, really cool work as always. It makes me happy to see more high quality work being created in Synfig. You are more focused on quality than quantity, appreciate the work :heart:.
About the file you shared, I checked it seems like you are using an older version of Controller Plugin, this wouldn’t cause any problems, but it is always good to be on the latest version.

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Hey veer… thanks for the kind words. Really glad u like the work.

About the file you shared, I checked it seems like you are using an older version of Controller Plugin, this wouldn’t cause any problems, but it is always good to be on the latest version.

I was going to get in contact with you about the latest plugin… Basically It would not work, so reverted back to a previous version I had used in some other tests here. As I’m not sure how to easily debug this, all I can say is that the plugin runs, but gives no results, no controller etc. I tried it on a few Debian based Linux machines here all running different versions of Synfig… 1.4.2, 1.4.4, and 1.5.1 dev build.Python 3.8.10 - 3.11.1. All ran the version from Febuary '22 but no joy with latest.

Star Wars Infinity text scroll test.

Text and logo are done in inkscape and imported in.

Some interesting render glitches when it comes to scaling. Anti Aliasing up to max as well as render quality.

scroll_SYNFIG_1080p_002_FIN.sifz (2.2 MB)


For comparison here’s a version I did in Natron.

Interesting indeed. Apart from the noticeable glitches, still pretty close to the Natron render

Close indeed… but the real difference, apart from the glitches, is time. Set up for the Natron version was done in minutes with no struggles.Rendering was super quick too… kind of unfair to say that as it was GPU rendered.

Struggles came with working out a way to keep the imported scroll text at the best resolution without the perspective deform degrading it. The SVG export for the scroll text had to be split into three sections. Native SVG import was a no go and should be worked on rather than having to export it from inkscape as a sif. Sif export from inkscape is going to break at some point too, as I was getting was errors on loading it until splitting the scroll into parts. Sif file size for each section exported was like 20meg a paragraph for an svg that was 300k in total.

Perspective tool for synfig seems to be scene resolution and bounding box dependent, similar to editors like kdenlive using mlt, compared to Natrons Corner Pin which gave me true infinity. If I switched off the gradient stencil the scroll text would just keep on going off into the distance forever.

Should of done a clean plate render of the Natron version without film grain as good old YouTube compression has blurred it.

Speaking of ‘unfair’ comparing Synfig and Natron for lack of a better comparison, is like comparing the default paint program on windows to something like photoshop. It’s leaps and bound ahead. No disrespect to Synfig obviously, just trying to make a point

but open source non the less… And apart from a python 3 shift and minor fixes, Natron has not had a major jump in 4 years, and the community around it is as small as Synfigs, if not less. But absolutely love both these underdogs.

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While we don’t sadly have a GPU accelerated renderer yet, an user discovered a bottleneck that can help us to improve performance (fingers crossed).

Did you try to turn off the Clip parameter? It is on by default AFAIK.

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Till now, I have never noticed clip in the perspective properties and now it stares at me bold as can be… lol… thanks for pointing it out.

Going boldly with the next tests here

Quick experiment over a couple of evenings looking at the best way to organize and animate a scene with sets.
This scene will evolve when I’ve got the spare time to do so and have already started with alternate angles and a couple of other iconic sets from the series.

I was going to link this scene for download. But on re-opening it this morning the whole thing had become corrupted, throwing up a lot of errors about bones. I only used 3 bones for one Display to control some slider movements, which goes off screen pretty quickly, but totally forgot that copying and pasting bones does not carry over link information… Equally tried to edit the scene manually trying to remove the element with brute force in a text editor… no joy :frowning: bye bye scene.


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lol… I got backups Bobby boy… so backed up it would be hard to have that shit without laxatives :wink:

Not lost the base scene or any asset animations, and already improved upon it’s overall setup this evening.

Now get on and sort that link loss on copy and paste bollocks out bitch :kiss:

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looks good. Nice job, i’m not a star trek connoisseur but i get the reference

If you want, you can privately send us the file so we can inspect and try to fix it. :slight_smile:

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Cheers sir, but there’s no need to. It was just a quick experiment while building up the scene, and Is the only thing that got messed up, and, as is, has moved on an evolved considerably since the other night.

along with the start of character studies.

Once I’ve finished a couple more bits, I’ll share the base scene for the bridge, character sheets and more on a separate thread to help show my process, and, in ways, share some of my production experiences through it.

Thanks for the offer of help… hope what I’m doing here will also help u guys at some point :wink:


McCoy, Kirk and Spock? :stuck_out_tongue:

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