2 year Synfig-animated music video project finished!

Hi Synfig community,

I wanted to share something I had been working on for a very long time. Definitely far from perfect but a labor of love. I wrote this song about coral reefs and made a music video almost entirely with synfig animation. It recently won “Best Experimental Video” at the World Water Film Festival in New York City.

Please feel free to share it both to spread the awareness of challenges facing our environment and also as an example of what synfig makes possible!

Thank you as always to Synfig for making my exploration of animation possible - without synfig my life would be legitimately different!


I will just copy-paste my comment on Youtube as I still don’t know what to add more…

It has everything, the main topic, the music and the lyrics, graphisms, psychedelic references and so much inspiration and… so much work!
I don’t know how to express my emotion right now better than a big… WOW!!!

It’s the Artist who makes art, not the instrument :wink:

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Great mixing of styles; audio and animation combo too!

And… you have a face :slight_smile: Konstantin is not alone lol

Later post your pros & cons about Synfig for your work!

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Wow ! Congrats on winning the award, and congrats on creating such fantastic work :rocket::boom:.

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As I posted on YouTube

“An excellent piece of work. Be proud of this. An important topic too given our current direction of travel. Good to see a full Synfig piece like this.”

Great Job :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Great animation work!