2 D animator/illustrator needed.

I hope everyone one is well. Thanks Synfig for allowing us guests to post. I have a series of kids book that I intend on selling electronically. I actually started this venture with a talented artist, but ended up losing him. This is completely a ground floor operation and I can’t afford to pay anyone directly. Instead I’d like to share in the profits, if it takes off. Profit generation doesn’t just come from book sales but merchandising as well. Seeing what Synfig can do, someone with animation skills and imgination can have fun with this and maybe be a part of something that thus far has been well received. To see more about the project please go to tiahare.com or send me an email if anyone is interested. Thank you.

Tony Hannagan

I’ve forwarded your message to a friend of a friend. She’s currently working on littlemoandfriends.com/ but might be interested in this. Not sure if she’s ever used synfig though.

You might also want to look for folks on deviantart.com.