1x4 Videowall Loop

I am a totally inexperienced beginner. Is there a way to animate an object to travel across the canvas from left to right and “jump” back to the original start point and repeat? I can get it to go back and forth, not left to right only.

Hello, @rkusick !

Yes, you can make this “jump”!

First, pose your object in its three positions at the three time points you want to. (As you probably already did).

Now you need to change the interpolation type between the second to third pose. “Interpolation” is mathematical word that here means how stuff changes between to two points.
Some old explanation can be found here: Waypoints — Synfig User Manual 1.5.1 documentation and Waypoint - Synfig Animation Studio .

You have to change the interpolation to Constant after second pose, instead of the default Clamped. “Constant” interpolation means: do not change the value until it reaches the third pose time.
Select the object you want to fix and look at TimeTrack panel: there are three WayPoints spread on the timeline. (WayPoint is the word Synfig uses for what could be/is called KeyFrame elsewhere. Synfig uses keyframe in a different concept…).

Right-click on the second one, move your mouse to Out menu item and click on Constant.
The second half of the waypoint should change to a squared-format in red color.