0f vs 1f

I have a little question that may or may not be silly…but these frames kinda throws me off.

I am using pencil for storyboarding, and Synfig to animate at 24fps. Pencil starts on the first frame, and Synfig Starts on on 0f. It’s obvious where to put the first keyframe on Synfig (0f) but when I am exporting, and working in scenes is where I have trouble at. I don’t know whether to put the keyframe at 0f, or 1f to keep everything in flow with the story board. I don’t wanna delay or speed it up from the storyboard, so what do I do?


Synfig has a little special concept of start and end time.
In Synfig Studio, if you modify the Document properties you can enter the start and end times of the animation, what means that the duration is the difference between the start and end times. If for example you give a value of 0f to the start time and a value of 24f to end time the duration of the animation is 24f-0f = 24f so you obtain a animation of 24 frames exactly for a value of frames per second of 24. That’s why it renders a set of images (if selected a png sequence for example) numbered as 0000 to 0023, so it is 24 frames total.
So you can safely make start of time to be 0f in Synfig and the end of time to be the length of your storyboard scene, that you’ll won’t get any time shift after concatenate them.

Thank you G