0.62.01-final older than RC4

Just tried to install the final version of 0.62.01 but got the message “Error: A later version is already installed”.
Had to manually uninstall 0.62.01 RC4 first.

Installed RC2, 3 & 4 on top of each other without having to uninstall first.

Deb, 64-bit.

I guess that it is an apt problem because it consider 0.62.01RC4 to be newer than 0.62.01 because it seems that 01RC4 scring is bigger than 01 string. We should think on a new numbering scheme to avoid that. Anyway, releases candidates never would be part of the packaging distribution so it won’t be a problem for any packaging system.

We can use the inkscape scheme of packaging releases as +dev (e.g. 0.62+dev) or not change the versions for the RC. One of the reasons I’m not a big supporter of changing version numbers too often is that we barely had any synfig-core changes between RCs, but the version number dependencies of studio would require recompiling core when it wasn’t required. (not the same thing with ETL because it uses its own versioning scheme)