Zooming and blines

Hi, I’m working on an animation that involve a lot of snake like designs and i was wondering; is there a way to make an object that is linked to a b - line grow larger as with the width of the B-line i have tried linking a zoom layer to the b - line width but that didn’t work. I dropped the file below if anyone has any ideas I’m all ears.
Barbed wire 2.5.sifz (69.2 KB)

Can you draw manually a simple sample of the desired effect?

I’m not sure this is a good example but basically what i want is a way to make part of a layer grow like a b - line by increasing the width while the other end stays the same. I saw something like this in the brushes tutorial, but have not been able to figure it out. the layer i have below is kind of what i want it to look like except a more complex layer such as the barbed wire strands i posted earlier.
bline experiment.sifz (2.38 KB)

I think that this is what you want.
You need to use Link to Bline feature but for the Bline width. Please take a look to the file. Select the paste canvas of the white polygon and try to move the origin of it. It will grow with the BLine’s width.
grow_with_bline.sifz (1.42 KB)

it won’t let me load the file you posted it says it rejected the value parameter. I’m running windows 7 with version 63.05 if that helps.

Never mind i got to work and yes that’s exactly what i needed, thank you. While i don’t want to be a pest could you help me real quick with one other small problem? I’m trying to make it so that an object can easily switch between following two separate blines through a switch conversion but it crashes every time i try to interact with it. can you tell me what i did wrong?
multiple bline follow experiment.sifz (2.08 KB)

It is a bug. Please open a bug report and we would try to fix it.