Zoom Independent Thickness

Does this exist on Synfig? Can I have lines that are always rendered the same amount of pixels independent of zoom? Thanks.

I don’t know if it can be done more easily, but if I needed to to this I think I’d try linking the “Amount” of a Zoom layer to the Outline Width.

Yes, as DaveJ said it can be done using linking and convert value nodes functions.
Currently there is nothing coded to automatically produce that effect.

I’m lost… How does this work exactly? Linking the “amount” on the zoom layer to what? So wouldn’t increasing the zoom increase that other value?

I tried linking the width dick inside the encapsulation to one outside… didn’t do anything. Just curious.

Here it is: width-constant.sifz (1.06 KB)
The file has two outlines. One is normal and the other has its width converted to:
width=scalar * exponential(Scale(-1.0*z)

Where ‘z’ is the exported zoom parameter of the paste canvas layer that encapsulates the outlines, scalar is the value that gives the width when z=0 and exponential is the e^x function.

It might be interesting to create an automatic action to make the outline width converted to that kind of type value just by a user click. :open_mouth:


Thanks! I think I get it. I don’t think I know how to do it, but I understand what you’ve done. :slight_smile: The only trace I find in your file is the “exponential” outline width. I’m not really clear on the whole “export” thing, so that would be why I don’t quite get it.

You have to learn two of synfig concepts: Export and Connect.

As my experience, I got the idea (hopefully) after I followed genete’s excellent tutorial Parabolic Shot

Yes, it took quite some time to follow for me, but it valued and opened my eyes on what Synfig Studio can do. When I domed Synfig Studio in a local FOSS event in China, I showed this tutorial and it impressed all of the audience, and a guy from Redhat asked “Can we use it to develop Angry Bird-liked game with it?”