Zoom controls cause crash in Windows XP64

hi all

i installed 0.62.00 a while back and dabbled with it briefly, then got distracted. came back to synfig yesterday, and my test project was going okay, until i used the zoom controls. synfig immediately shut down without a trace. upgraded to 0.62.02 today, opened the recovered file, and tried again - exactly the same thing happened. no error messages, no bug reports that i can see, the whole app just vanished.

unfortunately can’t show you the file as i hadn’t saved it before the crash.

machine stats: intel q6600 quad core, 2gb ram, nvidia gefore 8500 gt, running Windows XP x64.

Hi The Colclough,
I’m so sorry about the crash issue but please try out this:
Run Synfig Studio and immediately go to ToolBox->Setup… It will open a Seup dialog. Then go to Misc. tab and be sure that “Use a single thread” check option is “on”.
Try to reproduce the same problem again.