Z range switch layer clips images

Not sure whats going on here but it must be a bug…
Images in a group layer used as switch gets clipped when choosing to use Z-range. The clipping is defined by borders of the other layers in the same group.
However if I hide the background layer there is no clipping…
I need to sort out what exactly is going on before filing a bug. Any thoughts?

In the attached image it’s the layer huvud that is being clipped.
Here’s a sfg-file if you want to test yourselves: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/281 … ipping.sfg

It is clearly a bug. Clipping is a performance thing that has to be taken account with the z-range enabled.
I think you can file up a bug without issues.

My first alternative is to try to put the background image on top and use Behind blend method for it. Perhaps it is a workaround for the bug.

(Can’t try your file on this Windows XP computer)