Z Depth - Is this a bug or am I missing something?

I’m trying to animate the zdepth of a group during an animation. My group is at a 2 initially and I add 4 to it, to make it 6 in total (constant interpolation at 0s in the timeline). This works fine. The problem is when I want to bring the group back to its original zdepth. I add a -4 to bring it back to its original value and it seems to work on the surface (the z value of the group changes) but it doesn’t change visually on my canvas. Does anyone know why this is?

in other words, my first zdepth transformation works, but no other subsequent zdepth change does anything.

Actually I’m pretty sure it’s broken. This demo doesn’t work in the development version.


Yes … “well done” you have found a regression !

But “sorry” look like it’s already reported. Thank’s for testing and taking time to report !

O.K. Sorry I didn’t check before posting :slight_smile:

I’m glad you’re on it! I’ve been working with synfig a lot this past month and am really getting into it. Keep up the great work.