Z-Depth among nested groups

Hello! I have been trying to bring spline layers forward in front of other spline layers that are higher up in the layer hierarchy. The issue I have had is that z-depth seems only to allow you to bring layers in front of layers that are in the same group, rather than across groups. Is this possible? Thanks so much!


You’re right, Z Depth can only be applied to the layers of the same group. And I as far as I know, there’s no way to workaround it (it’s by design).

In fact, the current “Group” layer was named as “Encapsulate” layer (it still is in source code), meaning it is apart from “bellow” layers IMO.

I see, I was thinking about it and believe that using a skeleton with the images linked to it might be a better way organize things as it would allow for transformation inheritance like I was going for. Thanks!