hi how do i change my synfig video format to yotube compatible

I render using ffmpeg to a .avi 1280x720 @ 2000 bps

Works great. Youtube’s site tells you the accepted formats.

But can you perhaps explain how to do this and what thing you use

ok. Step by step.

  1. create animation

  2. Menu: File -> render

  3. File name: Your_file.avi

  4. set “Target” to ffmpeg and set

  5. click parameters and set the bit rate to “2000”

  6. Set your hight and width if you want. 1280x720 is “720p” but you can use anything you like

  7. hit render and then don’t play with synfig till it is done. Look at the bottom left of your canvas window to see render status. Normal it says “idle”.

Then upload to youtube as per their instructions.

I know it is frustrating. How to render was a REAL problem when I started this program, but it’s a snap now! Thanks developers! :slight_smile: