Youtube video intro


Here is a simple video intro I made a another youtube user. It makes use of radial gradients with the “Alpha-over” blend method. The lighting effect at the end is done with an animated radial gradient “straight onto” the text and I animate shade layer. Simple but effective I think.

Please visit the video and “like” it. Pervert trolls that the user has banned have been hitting “dislike” because… well, because they are trolls! lol

PS, how do I get a video like this to play in this forum post rather that just show the link?

wow… just what I was looking for.


The format has to be using the /v/video_code and not the /watch?v=video_code that is usually provided by youtube.
Hover the mouse on the [flash] BBCode and a help message would appear below.


You’ve done a really classy intro but…

…I really, really hate Comic Sans! :laughing:

Maybe you could get your friend to go here and pick out a different typeface, they’re all free!

lol! I thought that the font worked well for the project; your personal bias against it aside.

I saw this one, it look professional :

It’s really good!

But it’s not synfig. :slight_smile: