Yet another newbie!!!

Hi all,

Just discovered Synfig and luuuurve it. Absolutely excellent program but with a lot of it’s own foibles to learn. Meh. That’s the “price” you pay for such power! The Tutorials are brilliant (but we need more!) and the package is both polished and professional.

Anyway, this is just a quick introduction “Hello” to all and a noob question:

I’ve just created my first gif for an animated logo, but I can’t find a Render Option to turn off looping anywhere! I know it 's hidden away somewhere but I’ve RTFM and still can’t find it! :blush: AAAARGFH!!!

Best regards to the Synfig community!


Welcome to Synfig!
AFAIK, animated gifs are looped by default. There is no any option in the render dialog about that stoop loop in gif.

Thanks Genete!

I actually hex-edited the gif header but the anim still repeats once so you get two repetitions. The GIF89a standard states that 00 00 and/or* ff ff = indefinite looping (I haven’t read all the specs) so Zero seems to equal endless loop however “1” = 0 + 1 = (0x 00 01) two cycles. It doesn’t help that all the docs I googled all mention bytes 16-17 as the unsigned loop number but this doesn’t account for the “GIF89a” header so you need to hit the end of the NETSCAPE2.0 entry and start moving up manually to edit the right bytes.

*NOT Boolean And/Or’s :wink:

Like I said, it’s a noob question… someone will probably turn around and yell “just switch whatever byte to byte-1 at offset whatever and viola!” and I’m obviously missing something really, really simple!

Welcome to our world!
Feel free to ask, suggest, criticize…
Good luck! We are all together.

This option is not available (yet :wink: in synfig afaik. Go for imagemagick or gifsicle: viewtopic.php?p=7306#p7306

… and make a feature request out of it if you want to!