Wolf's head (test animation)

Doing poses and mirror expressions is never a bad thing but don’t turn your animation into science or think to much about it. Just follow your gut and have fun. :smiley: I mean, did you ever see a real person his head squash and stretch during a head turn and yet when you apply this principle during a simple three of four frame head turn you already get a convincing animation.

That is cheating!! Hahaha

Using the lower eyelid for blink hides the ugly white of the eye when blink with a static pupil. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it, darkspace65.

Of course you could test it if you want.

I think (it’s just my opinion) that your wolf’s blink get better with moving the pupil in the blink action, but maybe you likes the other way or you see when testint it that it doesn’t work with your character.

As said darkspace65 animation is not about sacred rules.

About the theory, you can check the well know book The Animator’s Survival Kit Animated by Richard Williams (in others books you can find too the “theory” under the blink). There you’ll see that it is safe to get down the pupils when you are blinking in your animation.

Hey guys, long time no see!

Aaaaaand I completely reworked my wolf model. Yet again.
This time it’s a full vector work and animation technique is 90% morphing and 10% cut-out.
Half of animation is done automatically using conversions. Here’s a link: https://youtu.be/mmF7ycjcIT8

I am pretty satisfied with the result and I think I found “my style” and workflow.
What should be improved in the future:

  • Add more outlines for more possible emotions.
  • Add lip syncing. Due to the fact that this is a wolf it’s going to be hard. All those complex teeth, tongue… Damn.
  • Add raster textures (optional). I really like raster graphics but it’s just too hard to make it go well with vector animation.

As always, any comments are welcome.
Do you think it’s worse than my previous attempts? Maybe someone can suggest how to implement lip syncing? I honestly have no idea right now. I’ve heard of Papagayo but it seems… kinda meh.


Still the same crazy :slight_smile:
Welcome back!

Awesome wolf!
Papagayo is good for lipsyncing, but it is tricky because the interface acts strange sometimes. :smile: It has integration in Synfig though so you can import mouth sequences straight in.

Thanks, Bob!
You’re great. Big thanks for moderating this forum and recently source code improvements on Github!

Thank you! Hmm, I guess I will give it a try.
From what I saw I got a feeling that it’s for some sort of simplistic style, like, you know, web cartoons and cheap flash animations.

seeing these test animation are amazing. I am interested to do some projects on this