Wishing to Create Interactive Cartoons Need software

I am looking around for a suitable program, that I can use to create interactive cartoons for educational purposes. I am a cartoonist, and use currently
Toonboom Animate Pro 2 software, but requiring more interactivity. Would this software be suitable for a new user for this purpose?
Or someone recommend other suitable software to try out?

Unfortunately Synfig offers no end user interaction.

, yep… unfortunately (maybe one day?)…

You can find some interactive realization where artwork has been done with synfig and interaction… by hand (javascript).

synfig.org/forums/search.php … mit=Search

Interactive animation test (2 example, cat & aquarium) - viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1391


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With Synfig, sifPlayer and javascript you can do interactive animations. Even games if you like.
[url]HTML5 canvas player.]

I think I am too late to this … I am also looking for the similar thing to make … :frowning:

Hey there. I’m also interested in making interactive animation and i also happen to be developing a new animation program (not quite user-ready at the moment), which should eventually support interactivity. You can subscribe to the issue by leaving comment there and i will also try to remember to post update here when interactivity will be available.

Very good!. You thought in support OSC similar animata?
I always wanted an animation svg with OSC


It’s a bit too early for me to be thinking about details, but the general architecture should support adding new input sources fairly easy as long as there are open source libs that provide them. Another thing would be to add easy to use skeleton system.

RainyNite doesn’t use svg as file format, though svg import will be available. But it’s fully vector-based, if that’s what you mean.

Yes can use OSC without alone skeletons read parameters from OSC (rotation, position (x,y), etc)

Same wish:
standalone interactive animations as easy as i used to make in Adobe Flash, now Adobe Animate.

Its OK to switch to whatever other software and to learn, but not tooo heavy stuf.
I want to start again interactive animating but i’m out of busines so i don’t know what are possibilities.
I see in other topic that it was complicated with javascript…
Is there no equivalent of flash, is there somebody building in synfig? HTML5. Lessons?
What is a good option?

Thanks, Louise