WIP for the August Challenge

You may recognise the soundtrack I’ve chosen.

Basically going for the pacing right now. I’ll make it more dynamic once the timing’s nailed down.

Things to appreciate - color coordination for the voices - black background for the dark side, white for the good, of course… Light saber effect on the appropriate word… ‘Him’ fading from view… I have a few more in mind for later on in the clip.


Let me know what you think.


It looks fair good.
How did you synchronized the voices with the letters?

Timing looks fine to me. Fonts and the rest I won’t comment on because you said you’re just going for pacing atm.

I wasn’t aware Synfig could deal with sound yet?

Like Genete said, please tell us how you did the syncing. I’d quite like to do one of these myself.

I used JLipsync to map out the timings of each word. Then I created a matching keyframe for each word in Synfig.