Windows SVN build 2375 region bug

Not sure if it has been fixed in a recent versions but if I create a region and change the blend mode I cannot change it back to Composite

It is weird. Have you clicked on the blend method parameter of the parameter panel?
The drop down menu from the tool box is only for new created layers and change it doesn’t affect to the current selected layer.

I’m talking about the parameter not the tool as the tool works fine as it should
When trying to select the blend method from say straight to composites it doesn’t change and stays straight
While changing from straight to onto works fine
Also found a workaround by selecting and then scrolling the wheel
It looks like the problem doesn’t appear only on region but on outlines too
Although plant and gradient work fine

Yes, it is a bug. I’ve seen it before.
I thought it was solved though.
Please check if it has been already tracked in the bug tracker at sourceforge and open a new artifact if you don’t find it. Thanks for reporting.

done … tid=757416