Windows SVN build 2375 - Encapsulation crash

Trying out the latest SVN for Windows on XP SP3 (P4 3.2GHz), I’ve run into this situation that causes a crash:

  1. Draw a rectangle.
  2. Copy the rectangle and paste it above the first.
  3. Create a noise distort layer on top of stack.
  4. Attempt to encapsulate the noise layer and the upper rectangle.
  5. Crash

My rectangles did not have strokes/outlines, fwiw.


Please report it in the bug tracker. Windows users should confirm it and provide a backtrace of the cause of the crash.
Thanks for report it.

I was not able to repro. Noise distort and upper rectangle encapsulated without a crash. Can you post the sif file you get before the encapsulation? (in case it’s some bizarre bug with the size of the rectangle, or parameters of the noise distortion)


Here’s the original file. I’ve replicated the crash on my machine again this morning and, once the file crashes, even reopening that file causes a crash.

Hopefully this will be helpful in some way. On a personal note, I installed Ubuntu 9.04 via Wubi on my Windows machine and then installed Zelgadis’s .deb of Synfig. That all seems to work beautifully, so I probably won’t need my Windows version of Synfig. But I can do any testing if needed to follow up on this possible bug. Just let me know.


noise_prac_01.sifz (576 Bytes)

I’m now running Ubuntu 9.04 and the Zelgadis-provided .deb version of Synfig and this same file opens up normally. The layers can be encapsulated without issue, so maybe there’s just something wrong with my Windows svn install.


:frowning: Still can’t repro it here. Glad the Zelgadis .deb is working well for you.