Windows 10 Support

Hello, there! :slight_smile:

I’m going to update my windows to 10
It’s still downloading though. But that means i still have time to ask this important question.

Will Synfig Studio works fine as well in Windows 10 ? :confused:

I afraid upgrading my pc will end up messing the software, so i need an answer first. :neutral_face:

don’t worry, in the worst case, it will still work perfectly in a VirtualBox with a Linux guest OS :smiley:

Well, i might have to pass if i have to do that (a bit inconvenient for me), but thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I just installed windows 10 and played around with Synfig Studio (ver 1.0.2), and so far it works just fine. It still looks the same as when it was on windows 8.
Although there’s a bit difference which a little off but doesn’t seem that annoying at all. When i resize the window to small size, then back to normal size, the onion skin button is still exists but the future onion skin parameter is gone. Welp, at least i can still change it on the Canvas MetaData tab.

That’s what i just found so far. Again, i just played around it a bit, so there might be some little things that i missed.
But for now, everything is fine and good.

:smiley: Cheers 'n Love :slight_smile: !!