Wind on grass

Hello :slight_smile:
I’m trying to make animated backgrounds.
I’ll be retiring this summer :smiley: , I’ll have many time after, so I would make a short movie with synfig.
Here is my test of wind on grass.
I started with version 0.62, and finished with 0.63 :wink:

Sorry, but the .avi can’t be uploaded, i don’t know why… a link here :
herbe05-2.sifz (18.5 KB)

Very nice!


Beautiful! It looks like a impressionism picture!

Thank you very much for comments :smiley:

I have a little problem with version 0.63.
When I open a file, “low res” is always unchecked, even if it was checked when saving.
This makes very slow the opening of complex files.
Is there a way to have the “low res” checked by default?

Hi mad0, I am always impressed by your artworks. awesome job.

this setting is introduced in 0.63.00 as a new feature.

It seems that sif/sifz files can not store the settings of synfig studio, some of other programs can save the programs’ status information in a file, blender for example.

Don’t confuse your self. Opening a file is not the same than render it. When you see the message “One Moment Please” it is reading the file from file (and creting and storing the layers and value nodes into memory) once read they start the render process to the canvas window. In that moment you have control of the program and it should respond to check back to low resolution again.

But yes, each file could save the view options to the file itself. Not a simple thing because the way the file is shown (quality, resolution, depends on the canvas window it is being seeing and not the file that you’re seeing (i.e. you can load two files in the same compostion, each file with its own visibility options. Maybe it is better to have the visibility options like a gloabl preferences for the application and save then in the settings file (like default name, frames per second, resolution, etc.)

Thank you very much genete :smiley:

Maybe it’s windows? I don’t have control :

But it does not matter, it’s an error on my part : I wanted to start clouds in a file already too heavy ! :blush:
I deleted the other canvas and I kept only the clouds, and I saved under another name.
I’ll render clouds separately, and I’ll put the sequence in background of the grass :slight_smile:

And I would rather use Ubuntu :blush:

Please share the file that is hanging the application during rendering. I’m curious to test it.

genete, if you see this file, you’ll think I’m stupid to amass so many layers! :blush: :blush: :blush:

After trying to add the clouds, I realized very quickly that it was too much for my computer, and I have deleted the canvas of the clouds and continued with only the grass …
I wanted to reopen this old file to retrieve the beginning of the clouds, erasing the rest.

I dont want to put the file on the forum, there’s a link for you : erased.

And after you 'll downloaded, i’ll erase the file :blush: :blush: :blush:
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Hey mad! It is always have such type of files to be conscience of the limits of Synfig or to push it to compromised situations to discover bugs when you really need to control file under that exigences.
I’m downloading the file now and you can edit the link and hide it to the world!!! :laughing: I will test it tomorrow on the windows computer.

Thank you genete for your help ! :slight_smile:
Sorry to ask again, but I still have a problem with synfig 0.63
I would use the new bline, but I can’t find the shortcut menu :


I haven’t have time to write a wiki page for the advanced outline. Here comes some concepts:
Advanced outline has a BLine (BLinePoint list) and a WPLine (Width Point list) The Bline hasn’t been modified, and you get the associated actions by right clicking on it. The WPLine actions are obtained (in this version and could change later) by right click on the Width Point position duck. To see the width points position ducks and the width ducks please press the toggle button for width ducks. They will appear both. Then right click on the duck that lies always on the bline (it is tied to the bline position) and see the actions available.


Thank you very much genete !
it works very well !
It is to make the outline of a cloud :

Congratulations to all for your work on synfig! :smiley:

I love that cloud! Maybe you would like to share it as sample file for the source code?

Sure, no problem!
and for once I did a very simple file, with only 5 layers! :wink:
nuage.sifz (2.44 KB)

hello, :slight_smile:
this is not exactly the topic’s subject, but it is always windy : moving leaves :
I made them with the new bline, I really like because we can make complex lines with very few points for the animation - and the animation is easier.
before starting an short movie, I 'll try a little anything, I want to know if I am able to do an animated background …
Thank you :slight_smile:

Edit : I corrected the link, I forgot to make the document “public”
feuilles6.sifz (6.93 KB)

After click on the link and enter my gmail account.

The leaves are very nice and wisely animated! It is good to see how many possibilities has the advanced outline.
Maybe you can use it for the monthly challenge… :unamused:

Good stuff! Looks like you’re using a masking effect to create that wind on grass motion. The scene has a Miyazaki/Ghibli vibe. Also impressed with your cloud. You should post the animated leaves scene in the Advance Outlines gallery thread in the Challenge section, that thread needs more love.

genete, DarthFurby, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

This is my ideal! :smiley:

This is really a mask effect: the grass is a “noise gradient” + “noise displace”. I duplicate it, and add a rotation to the top canvas.
This rotated canvas appears in regions with a high feather (“onto”) and the regions are animated.
I can give you more explanations if you want.

I’ll post the leaves on the challenge, it’s just that I wanted to make a little snake for this challenge, and I waited to finish it !