Wiki translations

Hi Genete!

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I’m like the parsley (as we say in Italy). :laughing:

How can I contribute to translate Synfig Wiki in italian language :question:
In the wiki infos are deprecated due a new macros system.

Can you to explain me something about :question:

I’m already registered user in wiki but, probably not authorized to change/save pages in /it.

As usually thanx :exclamation:

Hi BottyE,
First of all I must say that I prefer that posts were not personalized (I know that I post a lot -even I might seem to live here!- but Synfig forums are a community forum, so questions can be replied by anyone, not exclusively by me) :mrgreen:

For wiki translation please read the posts in the new forum:
We are changing the wiki structure and settling down the wiki writting rules, so it is not a good moment to start translating pages, because rules can change.
It is time to join efforts on improve the English version and discuss the rules. Ohoservices is leading the organization of the new structure. Please join to the tasks if you want to contibute. Also consider read the Writer section of the wiki before start translating anything.

OOPS :exclamation: :blush:


Thankx for help and patience.

I will follow the documentation forum… :slight_smile:


Don’t worry! I’m glad on help you and your help is very welcome as well! :smiley: