Wiki spamming

Hi folks,
Lately I’m seeing more spamming activity than usual in the wiki. Result of this is a tedious and unproductive work to keep the wiki clean and don’t hold trash on our tuxfamily servers.
See this link for the latest results:

I’ve realized that I don’t block the user that has created the new wiki page with external spamming links so it is possible that the user would create more new pages. I will block all the users of all the pages I’ve deleted. :frowning:

Is there any other way to block users and at the same time delete all the contributions of that user or restore all the vandalism he did rather than do it one by one??


Wow, that’s a lot of junk to deal with. I’ll try to make time to read up on wiki defense over the weekend. Surely the bigger wiki sites have come up with some kind of solution(s) we can borrow.


I would prefer to just disable that users can auto confirm the account and take care on approve the accounts of people who really want to contribute. Real contributors are much less than spammers so I prefer to read some emails asking for an account than need to clean all that vandalism.
That needs changes some variables of the php files but I don’t have time now to do that.

When you delete an account, it gives you the option to delete all posts by that user. It doesn’t seem to help much as all the spammers I’ve seen use a unique account for each posting.


I don’t see any option to delete a wiki user account, just to block it. Maybe you’re talking about the forums?

My bad. Yes, I’m talking about the forums.
Ignore me - I’m going back to my nervous breakdown.