Width Tool not working on Spline Outlines

Dragging a Width handle with the Width Tool does nothing when used on Spline Outlines, but I do not have this problem with the Circle and Rectangle Outlines.

Does anyone else have this issue and otherwise is there a possible workaround to creating an outline to my spline region? I am currently using the November update of development tools for Mac because I could not get the safe version to open.

You can drag width handles with default (transform) tool, just make sure they are enabled (can be toggled on toolbar). Personally i don’t use width tool at all because it seemed to work weird last time i tried it.

I mean that dragging the width handles does nothing at all, regardless of what tool I use.

Edit: I’ve discovered that when disabling all other handles and dragging the width handles they flat out disappear.

Might be another mac problem then. However, i do not understand what you mean by not having problem with circle&rectangle outlines - they are the same outlines as others. By the way, which outlines do you use: “normal” or “advanced”?

If you would make a screencast of what you’re doing and how it fails, it might help.

Here’s a link to a quick video show what I’m doing.


Yeah, that looks weird. If you’re using 1.0.2, try 1.1.12 (development build).

1.1.12 had this working like a breeze. Thanks so much!