Why synfig doesn't use SVG format?

I was wondering why the synfig sif format couldn’t be replace by SVG. Would make everything easier considering the fact Synfig can import SVGs.

If I’m right, you can export objects in that format… Somehow because I’m sure I’ve imported them before. The .sif has all the effects and times etc in it that simple vector drawings don’t have.

Again, I think so. In my phone so I can’t check.

At one point you could import SVGs directly into Synfig, but that feature was experimental. I can’t remember if that capability is still there, but instead someone wrote a exporter for Inkscape to export sif files instead. So you can use Inkscape to get your svg files into Synfig.
Unfortunately, the output of Synfig is raster image files and video. There is no ability to export SVG.

So it is possible to make SVGS animatable. Meaning that SVG files become 100 percent compatible with Synfig and synfig animations are saved as SVG.Is it possible to replace sif with SVG. There are already plans to change synfig terminology why not also the format. Would make things easier.

Although you could export to SVG from Synfig using the appropriated libraries, the SVG output can’t support all the features that you can produce with Synfig.

In any case, export to SVG (animated or not) would be a great feature to have, although you loose some features.

Currently I’m working on implement Cairo render to Synfig that eventually would allow to export without too much effort to SVG as well as to PDF and others back ends. Always taking in mind that you’ll loose some native Synfig goodies in the process.

Development is very advanced I that area and I’ve implemented the target agnostic renderer for the command line of Synfig. It is very simple to add SVG export just coding a similar exporter like the current PNG one. I prefer to continue working on implement Cairo to the GUI to not loose the focus of the reason of the Cairo implementation, that is the speed up of the render on canvas window.

Anyone want to code that SVG exporter?
github.com/genete/synfig/tree/g … iro_core_2

A Sif to svg exist …
The page come from June 2009, and "All sif elements aren’t supported, so it may have a lot of glitchs. "… I have never use that feature. But seems to have animation capacity . Some svg from the sif2svg exemples in devll page kill my inkscape (macwolfen.svg).

But also exist, and it’s a transversale answer, a Sif html5 player github, few month old.
Actually support Region,Outline (without point width),Circle,Import (image),PasteCanvas,Scale,Translate, Rotate,Zoom,Stretch,Linear Gradient (without the params zigzag and loop),Radial Gradient (without the params zigzag and loop), layers.

Inkscape (himself), don’t really support animated svg right now “as developments continues, we’re now approaching the milestones that mentioned animationcite…for sure this could be not so bad if synfig could be the first(?) software to produce fully & complex animated svg. If i’ts just about scripting (like sif2svg) this could be not so much exesivly too hard (with some maybe inside).
But in any case so easy than the complex plan on terminology :wink:

Svg file format come from “World Wide Web Consortium” / w3c , they try take care of standards around the big net…i’m not convicted that creating animated svg , they think in term of film quality animation … what synfig aim to produce … in other terms, .sif is more than animated .svg


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So would it be possible to port synfig as a plugin for inkscape?Since inkscape already has all the drawing tools all you would have to port is The Parameter and Time Track Panel wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Doc:Interface .Then you could on/off animation mode in Inkscape. All you would then need in inkscape is a plugin that converts SVG to Sif.

wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php … notes/0.49

So after inkscape 4.9 is released will it be possible to port synfig to inkscape aka the Parameter and Time Track Panel wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Doc:Interface
It seems Inkscape 4.9 will also be using a Cairo Render.

No, but Inkscape can read and edit SVG files, and then export them as sif files for you to animate in Synfig.

When we are talking about SVG file format we must first consider that it’s a standardized file format. This means that’s it’s a file format that tries to please “all the ideas and needs” about 2D vector graphics. This effort from the W3C and the associates leaded to a little more complex file format.
And IT took them too many years to implement animation. Is it ready?
Synfig uses a custom file format that serves it’s actions and possible evolution. The custom file format gives the freedom to experiment and add futures.
Now If you have the time go and open with a code editor an unzipped synfig file SIF and an SVG.
It will be better if you open something simple like one region in sif and a path in svg how it?!
Those two are using xml standards. This is a good thing.

Now think witch wins the complexity vote?

But as W3C believes that there free standards, the 7 or 8 near end years file format is almost finished yet. I remember checking them saying that it will take a little bit more time in 2004. Is it finished yet. I am serious but I promised my self not to check again about the svg file format around 2008… I believe that all those years served well to all the plug in inventors. But this is another story.

Let’s say that svg can please “all the ideas and needs”. The inkscape and million of people will be happy cause they will have the standard to work for years to implement. Programmers will be passionated with the standard and with their contribution to an open source community. But this will take years to master. Meanwhile someone may or may not create sif to svg.

So it is a good idea to have a custom file format for your application. It’s very hard to follow a standard that it’s not stable. Inkscape’s programmers are heroes.
But it’s sad that we all still waiting.

By the way is the svg animation finished?
Do you have a simple example? I am serious but I am not going to search again.

Don’t forget that HTML5 it’s out and it’s a W3C standard. Even computer operating systems are shaking.

I know it’s a big post but it’s a “big” story too.

How the ability to shift from standard mode to animation mode in Inkscape kinda like you can do in Blender. In animation mode of inkscape everything is SIF.

I wand to add one more thing. SVG path animation / morph it’s not compartible with the synfig region animation. It is not possible without ecmascript. The reason is that synfig is using radial method for the control points of the bezier curve. This makes the animation of the control points to look circular. In SVG it will be linear. Synfig’s aproach makes the animation smoother when you animate figures. In the end sif is a better file format for animation cause you can do more things without the need to write scripts to support animation.
And as blender is mentioned… Why blender is not using collada? Cause blender can do much more.
Also Adobe was the main supporter of the svg. Adobe bougth flash from micromedia and almost abandoned svg. Apple contributed to the HTML5 to drop out of the game the flash player and they do not wand to support svg. With html5 you can draw vector graphics with the cairo functions that are embended to the context.
SVG, HTML5, XML and javascript are all W3C recomentations /standards. Sif is an xml document this means that you can use tools or libs to subtract or manipulate it’s content. This means that a convertor can be created easier.
In my point of view SVG is better file format for static vector graphics and synfig is better for animated vector graphics. I may have to read about SVG and animation little bit more but right now
SVG and animation it’s a bad joke.