Why does my Synfig not appear to recognize .jpg?

Just joined and already have a couple of questions.

1), Why does my Synfig not appear to recognize .jpg files? Did I do something wrong with the install?
2) Is there a way to get a version of the user manual downloaded? All I can find is the Wiki, and I’m having difficulty downloading or finding a way to print it.


You have to import the images not open them.
I think there is a link to an outdated PDF wiki on the front page of it.
Also you can download the training packages for free, but would be great if you donate to its support.
synfig.org/cms/en/news/synfi … -you-want/

Hello erudyte42 , welcome here.

  1. Has genete said, image files must be imported + Are you rendering the workspace (canvas) with cairo render enabled ? synfig setup. Cairo render only support png files.