who is our target user or audience ?

cartoon artists? computer graphics fans or …

there is a nice blog entry from JK, it is really a must read as a member of synfig developer :slight_smile:


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He have some interesting points, the most obvious being that the software should be easy and fast to use and not in the way.

Synfig has a long way to go here. There is a lot of software to go through between me and a finished film. It’s cumbersome navigating between all layers in layer panel and parameters panel.
Working with keyframes (and waypoints) is slow, not being able to quickly select multiple ones, having to select different layers etc.

Now I think Synfig is targeted towards technical interested artists. It takes a lot getting into the ui and workflow of Synfig.

I would like to say that I am an artist who isn’t that into technical things. I am learning Synfig because I don’t have the hundreds of dollars to spend on Flash. I am saying this because I think ease of use should take precedence over the technical side of Synfig. This would definitely attract a larger group of users.