Where can I set the amount?


So I’ve been playing around with Synfig and had some struggles with hiding an object and putting another in its place.

Now, I found 2 topics covering this but I have no clue how they are doing it:


Set amount - yea, well, where?
I can increase/decrease the amount without knowing what the amount is then - can I see that anywhere and actually set it to a fixed number?
Issue is, when it’s below 0 - at least that’s my guess - it starts to shine through weirdly and it’s absolutely dumb to click 10 times Decrease Amount and then at the other 10 times to increase the amount…

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:

Synfig is full of calculation in floating point arithmetic, the Parameter “Amount” is one of these numbers.

In most of the cases you can see it as layer’s “Opacity” amount (depending the type of layer, see wiki).
1 = full opacity (or 0% Transparency)
0 = full transparency (or 0% Opacity)
0.5 = semi-transparent or semi-opaque, as you wish :mrgreen:

Please refer to the wiki