When I press play my animation skips around frames

Hello, I’m very new to animation and attempted to do the basic “knight rider” circle animation according to the synfig wiki linked here wiki.synfig.org/Doc:Animation_Basics
I followed all the instructions and when I went to press play the animation played the circle every 7 or 8 frames (it would change consistently) instead frame by frame or running smoothly, so my circle’s animation looks like a circle skipping and jumping through the space. I was just curious if this could be because my computer may lack the ability to fully animate frame by frame and run the animation smoothly? or if there was a setting somewhere to make my synfig animation run frame by frame instead of every by 8 frames or so? thank you!

Did you play it in canvas or preview? If you played it in canvas, try play this in preview (f11) or press this button
Przechwycenie obrazu ekranu_2017-04-09_21-43-35.png