What is the limit for rendered avi and mpg?

I’ve made an animation which is 55s long. But after I render it both in mpg and avi, it is cut on the 35 second? Why is that?? Is there any limit set in the rendered clips?

There should not be any limit on the avi/mpg size.

This sounds like a bug, please file one with as much information as possible.


In your case, I think we would need the .sif file, your render settings, which version of synfig you are using and which platform you are on. We also need to know if you can reproduce the problem with the command-line synfig renderer or just with rendering from the GUI. If you can reproduce it on the command-line we need the exact command-line arguments and any output that synfig produced.

Ok, so I managed to render the whole clip, but through a PNG sequence, and not directly through the ffmpeg. When I try to render it by command line, I get my clip cut off too. here is the output:

I think the bolded text is the clue.

I’m working on Archlinux, synfig 0.61.08, my render settings are just defaults, both in GUI and commandline.

by the way… here are the rendered clip, and the sif file:



I think that the clue is the following line:

[ppm @ 0xb7de5790]picture size invalid (48x0)
the render to avi is done first like a ppm sequence and then piped to ffmpeg to assemble the avi file.

If the ppm file is wrong it would produce an error in ffmpeg.

Confirmed that it only renders (in my system) 38 seconds when it should be 60. And the console output are very similar.
Please open a bug report like pabs said.



Bug report opened :slight_smile:

As you may judge by the animation I made, I’m a newbie with Synfig and the animations :slight_smile: Just a hobby of me :slight_smile:

Could you tell me how can I change the speed of some of the frames?? Now my whole animation is with the same smooth speed.


The easiest way to increase or decrease the animation speed is click and drag the waypoints of the desired parameters of the layer subject. Putting the waypoints more close in the timeline would increase speed and separating them would decrease speed.