What is the best way to compile the pngs I render in Synfig?

I was wondering if there is a program that is the best way to do it or if you could even do it from the terminal. Thanks for the help!

synfig.org/wiki/Tips#Render_to_A … quality.3F
You can also use any decent video editor.
Here are some of them:
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison … g_software

My answer to that is always Blender’s VSE

I think Blender would be great…if someone could explain the VSE to me in a way I can understand!!! The interface is soo confusing! :open_mouth:

Does anyone know how to compile pngs in Kdenlive? Thanks!


Genete, you are so incredibly helpful!

virtualdub works as well. kinda tested it just for you!