what is the best platform for synfig

I’ve just started using Synfig in Windows XP, and getting so many crashes that I’m finding it pretty frustrating. I wondering if it’s anything to do with my setup, or should I try dual booting and running Linux.

It looks like a great program, I’m really looking forward to working with it, but crashing every two minutes, even with autosave, is putting a bit of a dampener on my enthusiasm. :cry: Any suggestions?

I haven’t tried the very latest version of Synfig yet, but with all prior versions I’ve found Synfig to be much more stable on Ubuntu than on Windows XP.


Please remove any previous windows installation including the configuration files (all the Synfig folder). Then download and install the latest version. It is much more stable now. If you continue with crashes, please let us know and how to reproduce.

I’ve tried the new version and although it’s early days have only had one crash - huge improvement and the crash may have been some newbie error on my part.

So now I can preview an animation, or export to a sequence of png’s. I’m wondering what the preferred option is for putting the images together into some type of movie file.

Since 0.62.00 the ffmpeg encoder is included in the windows installer. Also since 0.62.01 it is possible to pass the bitrate and the codec to the ffmpeg encoder so it is now easier to export to a movie file.
In the render dialog, select ffmpeg as target and choose the proper output file extension. Once ffmpeg target is selected, the “Parameters…” button is enabled and it allows to select the bitrate and codec.

Sweet. Thanks for your help on this.