What is the bar/line that connects two waypoints?

Hi guys, sorry for making another topic so soon after my last one. But I’ve been having trouble with this bar that’s connecting some of my waypoints. I have no idea how I caused it to happen and no idea how to remove it, but it’s causing some problems with unnecessary movement in the animation. I couldn’t find any information about it in the documentation/wiki or on Google so I was wondering if someone could fill me in about this thing. Thanks!

The two waypoints connected by your bar line indicate duplicated waypoints. That is their parameters are the same.

Below is a demonstrated screencast duplicating a waypoint holding down Shift key while dragging.


Huh that is interesting; I don’t really get how it works, how I did it, or when I would use this type of duplication rather than the type of duplication I’m used to (while on a different line in the time track, right click waypoint, duplicate) but at the very least I was able to fix the erroneous ones in my project by dragging the waypoints back into each other. Good enough for me! Thanks for the info and useful screen capture!

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